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Sri Lanka Visa

Latest News about Sri Lanka Visa

Sri Lanka on arrival visa extended till March: report

Dec 01, 2011

An on-arrival visa facility for many countries will continue till March 2012 and will not be discontinued by the end of December 2011, due to teething problems in an electronic approval system, a media report said.

Sri Lanka introduced a paid electronic visa system of 20 dollars per person replacing a free visa on arrival for many countries from January. Only Maldives and Singapore, which gives visa on arrival for Sri Lankan citizens would get the facility from next year.

The Sunday Times quoted a statement from a government agency related to tourism in its online edition as saying that the online visa will operate in parallel with the old system until March.

"The ETA (electronic travel authorization) system will be operational from 01.01.2012," the Times Online quoted a statement from the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau, a state agency that promotes conventions and incentive travel as saying.

"However, the existing facility of Free Visa on arrival will continue until March 31, 2012 for those who are making travel arrangements before December 31, 2011."

The convention bureau had issued the statement to the travel trade on behalf of immigration authorities, the statement said.

The newspaper said there had been complaints that the electronic visa facility was not working smoothly yet.

Date: 28th September

Sri Lanka’s new online visa system for visitors through the ‘Electronic Travel Authorization – ETA’ will be launched on Friday 30th September 2011, the date of implementation of the new visa system will also be announced on same day, this was stated by Immigration and Emigration Department Controller General Chulananda Perera told the media on Wednesday.

Under the new visa scheme, foreign travelers who wish to visit Sri Lanka will be get approval for visa within 24 hours of applying for an online visa for short term stays.

There has been confusion over the date of implementation, first planned for August last year but postponed due to objections from the trade. The new date is likely to be January 2012. The new scheme will run parallel with the current visa-on-arrival for 78 countries, until it is working perfectly. Only the Maldives and Singapore are exempt from visas as Sri Lankans also enjoy the same facilities in those countries. (SD)

Sri Lanka To Withdraw Free Visa On-Arrival For Tourists

COLOMBO, May 28 (Bernama) -- Sri Lanka plans to withdraw the on-arrival free visa facility for Indians and other foreign tourists under a new visa regime, which will come into effect within three months.

"The cabinet has this week formally approved the new visa regime. The scheme will come into effect within about three months," a government official told PTI.

On a reciprocal basis, Sri Lanka will continue to grant visas on arrival for Singaporean and Maldivian nationals because their countries extend the same facility for Sri Lankan nationals.

India is the number one tourism generating market for Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan cabinet decision last Wednesday gave a formal approval for withdrawing the visa-on-arrival scheme and replacing it with an on-line application process.

The government had last year proposed doing away with granting visas to all nationals arriving in the island, but the scheme was put on hold following representations by the tourism industry which feared a drop in visitor arrivals.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan immigration officials here today denied the report that Colombo had taken a move to stop 'on arrival' visas for Indians traveling to the island.

With the implementation of the new system, they will have to apply on line for a visa before traveling to the island which is emerging from decades of ethnic bloodshed after security forces crushed LTTE in May 2009.

Sri Lanka has granted Western tourists as well as those from developed nations a 30-day visa on arrival since the 1970s as part of a move to promote tourism.

The scheme was extended to SAARC in the mid 1990s to encourage tourists from the region.

Sri Lankan Government has introduced a new system for visa to travel to Sri Lanka for tourists. Now all nationalities except Maldives and Singapore need to obtain an "Electronic Travel Authorization".

Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA, is an official authorization for Short Visit to Sri Lanka, issued electronically by this department of Immigration Sri Lanka. It a preliminary authorization for foreigners to enter in to Sri Lanka. Once the ETA is issued the ETA holders will be issued 30 days short visit ETA at the port of entry in Sri Lanka.

Foreign nationals, who intend to visit Sri Lanka for Short Stay up to six months, must obtain ETA, prior to their arrival with effect from 1 October 2011. The ETA is issued through on-line system. No passport copies, documents or photograph are required. There is no requirement to endorse the ETA in the passport.

On arrival at the port of entry in Sri Lanka.

Upon arrival, simply produce your passport to the immigration officer at the port of entry for speedy clearance. It is advisable for you to bring a copy of ETA approval notice along with you.

ETA can be either obtained online with your card from the web site or We as our operators in Sri Lanka get it issued for you. We offer following packages for Sri Lanka ETA

1. ETA Only US$ 31.00 per person Please contact us to obtain ETA

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More Information about Sri Lanka Visa

Currently Sri Lanka offers Visa on arrival for most European North American and SARC countries which Include India Pakistan Bangladesh etc.

There are several types of Visas available if you need to apply in your home country Please get in touch with the local Sri Lankan High Commission. Following are the details for tourist visa which can be obtained from the Sri Lankan Embassies.

Tourist Visa is A Visit Visa issued to a foreign national who visits Sri Lanka as a bona-fide tourist. A tourist visa is a single entry visa can not exceed 6 months and a with a maximum of 2 visits per year.

For Sri Lankan Visa You must holds a return air ticket and sufficient funds for your stay in Sri Lanka and a passport valid for minimum 6 months Copy of the Bio data page of your passport, Two (02) photographs 3.5 cm X4.5 cm, A written assurance to return to the country of domicile or a visa to the next country of destination.

If There is no Sri Lankan mission close to where you live we can help you apply for a visa at additional cost. Please contact us for details.

How to renew tourist visa in Sri Lanka?

Every bon-fide tourist who enters Sri Lanka within the period of the landing permit granted by the Immigration officials at the port of entry can apply for a visa extension before the expiry of the visa. Two (02) months extension beyond 30 days shall be granted at the Department of Immigration Emigration (Head Office) if required. However further extension shall only be considered with valid reasons. This restriction will not be applicable to Ex-Sri Lankans.

Information about Sri Lanka Business Visit Visa

Visit visas issued to foreign nationals who visit Sri Lanka for reasons other than tourism such as business promotion, business discussion, business meeting, project inspection, inspection of quality of goods, seeking investment opportunities, inspecting investment, machinery installation, machine repairs, training or conference etc. for a short period of time is classified as a Business Visit visa.

Depending on circumstances this visa is issued for single, double or multiple journeys. A double journey visit visa entitles the holder to enter Sri Lanka twice within the overall period of stay authorized by the visa. A multiple entry business visa permits the holder to enter Sri Lanka any number of times within the time period stipulated in the visa.

Eligibility requirements for a Business Visa ?

You must hold a return air ticket and sufficient funds [currency / travelers? cheques / credit card] for your maintenance whilst in Sri Lanka. If you are from a country not listed in Schedule 'A' you should obtain your Visit visas prior to landing in Sri Lanka, whatever the purpose of your visit is.

You can obtain a Business Visa application form

Overseas Sri Lankan Missions close to your place of residence

What are the documents I need to submit with my Business Visa application ?
Your passport
Copy of the Bio data page of your passport
Four (04) photographs 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm
Documentary proof of purpose of multiple entry visit.
Evidence of your financial standing.
A written assurance to return to the country of domicile or a visa to the next country of destination.
What are the fees applicable to my Business Visa ?
Please click here for information about visa fees

What is the maximum validity period of my Business Visa ?
You can get a one month Business Visa by a Sri Lankan Mission abroad.
You can get a 30 days Business Visa from an Immigration official at the port of entry with prior permission of the Controller General of Immigration & Emigration.

You can get a maximum period of six months Business Visa from the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration, his Controllers, Deputies or Assistants
How can I get Multiple Entry Facility for my Business Visa ?
You can get Multiple Entry Facility for Business Visas valid for three months from Sri Lankan Missions abroad. You can get Multiple Entry Facility for Business Visas valid for one year from the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration, his Controllers, Deputies and Assistants

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