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Scotia Prince Frequently Asked in Questions

Please note: Scotia Prince (India Sri Lanka Ferry) has been suspended indefinetly. These pages are here just for the record and general interest only. No tickets are being issued. However we will be happy to organise airtravel from Tuticorin to Colombo or Banglore to Colombo. For air bookings and tours in Sri Lnka please contact us More about Suspension of the Ferry Service

1. Are we allowed to carry food stuff such as pre-packed sweets (Laddu 500 pieces) to Sri Lanka for serving at the wedding. We know that Outside food & Alcohol are not allowed for consumption on board. Will there be problem at the Customs?

Answer: You can bring it as check in luggage on board. With regards to Customs, we cannot give exact answer.

2. We would like to carry some fresh Jasmine flowers ( Saram) to be used by ladies attending wedding. Is it permitted for us to carry these Jasmine flowers both by Customs and on board.

Answer: Plant Quarantine will not allow flowers

3. The print out says maximum of 100 kg for Economy & 200 kg for Deluxe, first class passengers. Is this is a true statement.  But recently one family known to us had travelled from India to Colombo. He was not allowed to carry more than 25 kg.

Answer: 150 for Economy & Deluxe and 200 for first, depending on when you have booked. Each bag cannot be more than 30 kg. Cargo/trade goods were not allowed by customs  on one of the journey. We will not say no to carry this onboard provided customs clear it.

4. Are we allowed to carry 200Kg if we are travelling by Deluxe cabin.

No deluxe cabin allows 150kg as luggage

5. Are we allowed to carry small quantity of fruits for personal consumption in Sri Lanka?  Is it permitted by the Ferry and Customs?.

No Plant Quarantine will not allowed.

6. We also wish to carry pre-packed food and Poojai items from India to New Zealand Via Sri Lanka for our personal use. Will there be a problem  with the Customs?

Sorry we cannot exactly tell you about custom policies. Quarantine will not allow anything with seeds and even some of the poojai items. So it is best you check with the quarantine regulations.

7. You have indicated that the  travelling time is 14 hrs . We understand both side customs clearing take very  long time, most of the passenger come out of ports only after 11.00AM . Will there be any improvement on this by mid November.

We usually reach the other end  by 7.30 in the morning. If you are a regular passenger with personal belongings only, you will get out earlier. If there are goods to declare or if you are stopped by quarantine, it will take some time.

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