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Sri Lanka India Ferry Service

Starting from the end of April, there will be a passenger ferry service between Karaikal port in Puducherry, India and Kankesanthurai port in Jaffna, North Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Navy and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) are financing this project and a passenger terminal is being constructed at Kankesanthurai port to facilitate the four-hour-long ferry service. Infrastructure will be provided for customs, immigration and emigration services. The ferry will operate only during the day in the initial phase and is expected to carry about 150 passengers. The round trip cost is expected to be approximately USD 50, which is around LKR 20,000 and INR 6000-7000. Passengers will be allowed to carry up to 100 kg of luggage.

This new ferry service is not entirely new, but rather a resuscitation of the colonial-era transport service between the two countries. In the early 1900s, the Indo-Ceylon Express or Boat Mail was a train and ferry service that ran between Chennai and Colombo, through the Tuticorin port. However, due to various reasons, the service was discontinued, with the final blow being delivered during the 1980s, when the civil war between the majority Sinhala population and the minority Tamils in Sri Lanka broke out and lasted for more than 20 years.

Since the civil war ended in 2009, there have been several attempts to restart this cross-national transportation service, but none have been successful. However, with the economic and political changes that Sri Lanka has undergone in recent years, it is now turning to India to revive cultural ties and foster greater economic cooperation. Therefore, the revival of the age-old ferry service connecting South India to Jaffna in Sri Lanka signals the beginning of a new, more positive and fruitful chapter in India-Sri Lanka bilateral relations.

Scotia Prince (India Sri Lanka Ferry) has been suspended indefinetly. These pages are here just for the record and general interest only. No tickets are being issued. However we will be happy to organise airtravel from Tuticorin to Colombo or Banglore to Colombo. For air bookings and tours in Sri Lnka please contact us More about Suspension of the Ferry Service

Sri Lanka to India and India to Sri Lanka ferry service has resumed after 20 years. Now you have an entertaining and luxurious way to travel from India to Sri Lanka & vice versa by ship in the Scotia Prince the ferry that links both countries. We will be pleased to offer your tour packages in Sri Lanka specially designed for people arriving from India by ferry. Please visit our Sri Lanka Tours from India page for details.

The first ferry service started from 13th June 2011. The schedule and fares are available on this page. We also make online booking for ferry service from Sri Lanka to India & India to Sri Lanka. Please contact us for making a reservation.

Current Month Schedule of Tuticorin - Colombo Ferry Service

Port of Colombo

Port of Tuticorin





Saturday Oct 01,2011 0800 hrs Monday Oct, 03, 2011 1800 hrs Tuesday Oct 04, 2011 0800 hrs Tuesday Oct 04, 2011 1800 hrs
Wednesday Oct 05, 2011 0800 hrs Wednesday Oct 05, 2011 1800 hrs Thursday Oct 06, 2011 0800 hrs Friday Oct 07, 2011 1800 hrs
Saturday Oct 08, 2011 0800 hrs Monday Oct 10, 2011 1800 hrs Tuesday Oct 11, 2011 0800 hrs Tuesday Oct 11, 2011 1800 hrs
Wednesday Oct 12, 2011 0800 hrs Wednesday Oct 12, 2011 1800 hrs Thursday Oct 13, 2011 0800 hrs Friday Oct 14, 2011 1800 hrs
Saturday Oct 15, 2011 0800 hrs Monday Oct 17, 2011 1800 hrs Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 0800 hrs Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 1800 hrs
Wednesday Oct 19, 2011 0800 hrs Wednesday Oct 19, 2011 1800 hrs Thursday Oct 20, 2011 0800 hrs Friday Oct 21, 2011 1800 hrs
Saturday Oct 22, 2011 0800 hrs Monday Oct 24, 2011 1800 hrs Tuesday Oct 25, 2011 0800 hrs Tuesday Oct 25, 2011 1800 hrs
Wednesday Oct 26, 2011 0800 hrs Wednesday Oct 26, 2011 1800 hrs Thurdsay Oct 27, 2011 0800 hrs Friday Oct 28, 2011 1800 hrs
Saturday Oct 29, 2011 0800 hrs Monday Oct 31, 2011 1800 hrs Tuesday Nov 01, 2011 0800 hrs

Please arrive at the terminal 4 hours prior to departure

2 cabin bags totalling 15 Kgs per person allowed beyond the boarding point

Maximum of 100 Kg for economy cabin passengers

Maximum of 200 Kg for Deluxe, First & Special needs cabin passengers

Outside food & alcohol are not allowed on board

Only 100 ml of branded liquids, aerosols or gels (Perfumes, Deodorants, Hair oil or Body lotions etc) allowed

Fare Table for Ferry

CLASS TYPE Tut-Col Col-Tut
Economy single berth 61 61
cabin (2) 122 122
cabin (4) 244 244
Special Needs Cabin single berth 61 61
cabin (4) 244 244
Deluxe cabin with toilet single berth 83 81
cabin (4) 322 322
Deluxe cabin with toilet & shower single berth 88 88
cabin (2) 171 171
cabin (4) 331 331
First Class cabin cabin (2) 333 333
cabin (3) 461 461

Book your cabin online now.

Union Shipping Minister G.K. Vasan is expected to inaugurate the service at V.O. Chidambaranar Port, Tuticorin.

Initially, the vessel will sail twice a week from Tuticorin to Colombo and vice versa. The Colombo-bound vessel will depart from Tuticorin on Mondays and Fridays at 6 p.m. and arrive in Colombo at 8 a.m. the next day. The vessel from Colombo to Tuticorin will sail on Wednesdays and Sundays at the same timings.

The vessel 'scotia Prince,' operated by Flemingo Liners, has nine decks with the capacity to accommodate 1,200 passengers. It has 11 first class cabins, two suites, two cabins for travellers with special needs, 169 super deluxe cabins, 22 deluxe cabins and 111 economy cabins, according to the vessel's authorised agent here.

Besides, the vessel has 250-seat Broadway Lounge to host corporate gatherings, banquets and special occasions with multiple options for entertainment. There is a restaurant with 322 covers and a bar.

The fare has been fixed as follows: first-class cabin with four rooms - Rs. 19,550 from Tuticorin and Rs. 20,470 from Colombo; first-class cabin with two rooms ? Rs. 13,800 from Tuticorin and Rs. 14,720 from Colombo; super deluxe cabin (four rooms) - Rs.14, 260 and Rs. 14, 720 (from Colombo). Cabin (two rooms) - Rs. 7,360 and Rs. 7,590; single berth - Rs. 3,450 and Rs. 3,680; deluxe cabin (four rooms) - Rs. 13,800 and Rs. 14, 260; special needs cabin (with four rooms) - Rs.11,960 and Rs.14,260; for single berth - Rs. 2,990 and Rs.3,128.

Economy class: cabin with rooms Rs.11,960 and Rs.12,420; cabin with two rooms - Rs. 5, 980 and Rs. 6, 210; and for single berth - Rs. 2,990 and Rs. 3,128.

Passengers should check in at the terminal four hours prior to departure. Two bags per person are allowed on the vessel.

Scotia Prince from Tuticorin to Colombo and back an excellent way to travel to & from Sri Lanka by passenger ship from colombo to tuticorin.

Scotia Prince with a capacity of carrying 1044 passengers will do 3 round trips a week and we soon hope to make it a daily service. In addition, Flemingo will operate a duty free shop at the Passenger terminal (India & Colombo) for the use of both arrival and departure passengers.

Scotia Prince Luxury Room

Colombo to Tuticorin ship service is available for booking online. Please contact us to make your reservation

A ministry official has been reported in the local media as saying that the delay was due to the lack of publicity given to the service in India. The ferry service was to commence yesterday.

The service was initially scheduled to resume in February this year but got delayed due to technical difficulties and later postponed when India sent one of its ferry service vessels to evacuate the Indians and Sri Lankans stranded in Libya

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May 09 2011 The ferry service between India and Sri Lanka that was suspended decades ago due to the troubles in Sri Lanka, is to be resumed tomorrow the 10th May 2011.

The ferry services will run between the Colombo harbour and the Indian port of Tuticorin also known as Thoothukudi

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