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Train Travel in Sri Lanka

Train Fares and Charter Details

Sri Lanka has an excellent network of trains connecting to cities and remote villages and th tourist spots in Sri Lanka. The railway lines in Sri Lanka are a legacy of British rule in the island. The railways network is divided into four main rail lines, across this island.

The first line extends from Colombo to Matara along the west coast.

The main line runs from Colombo to Badulla, which covers route to Nuwara Eliya as well. This railway line Includes the following railway station stops.

Ragama - Gampaha - Veyangoda  - Mirigama - Polgahawela - Rambukkana - Peradeniya - Kandy - via connecting train  - Matale - via connecting train  - Gampola  - Nawalapitiya - Hatton - Talawakelle  - Nanu Oya  - Haputale - Bandarawela - Ella - Badulla

The time table of trains on main line is as under.

Main Line -
Train № Train Name From Departure To Arrival Service 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class
1005 Podi Menike Colombo Fort 05:55 Badulla 16:00 F, A, B, E 750/= 370/= 205/=
1006 Podi Menike Badulla 08:50 Colombo Fort 19:30 F, A, B, E 750/= 370/= 205/=
1015 Udarata Menike Colombo Fort 09:45 Badulla 19:45 F, A, B, E 750/= 370/= 205/=
1016 Udarata Menike Badulla 05:45 Colombo Fort 15:40 F, A, B, E 750/= 370/= 205/=
1045 Night Mail Colombo Fort 20:00 Badulla 07:10 G, C, D,
A, B, E
750/= 370/= 205/=
1046 Night Mail Badulla 18:00 Colombo Fort 05:15 G, C, D,
A, B, E
750/= 370/= 205/=
1023 Express (B) Colombo Fort 12:40 Hatton 19:52 A, B   260/= 140/=
1019 Express (A) Colombo Fort 10:35 Matale 13:52 A, B   220/= 125/=
1036 Express (B) Matale 05:15 Colombo Fort 09:45 A, B   220/= 125/=
1020 Express (A) Kandy 15:30 Colombo Fort 18:55 A, B   190/= 105/=
1024 Express (B) Kandy 10:25 Colombo Fort 13:40 A, B   190/= 105/=
1035 Express (B) Colombo Fort 16:35 Kandy 19:42 A, B   190/= 105/=
1039 Express (B) Matara 13:10 Colombo Fort 17:14 A, B   230/= 130/=
1039 Express (B) Colombo Fort 17:45 Kandy 20:58 A, B   190/= 105/=
1040 Express (B) Kandy 05:00 Colombo Fort 08:17 A, B   190/= 105/=

The Railway system in Sri Lanka is very picturesque when entering the hill country because of the winding tracks along the mountains especially on the Badullu-Nanu Oya line. Make sure, if you can, to sit on the right side of the train, as it offers the better view. Sri Lanka has an extensive railway system serving all major towns and cities in the island except for the North and the East. There are special Observation cars for tourists that like to take in the scenery.

This line also branches out to Kandy and is probably the most picturesque journey that you can take. You will be able to witness the stunning view of the hills as the train makes its way around gorgeous waterfalls and verdant tea gardens. The third and northern line runs to Anuradhapura, the ancient city capital. Fourth rail line runs from Colombo to Batticaloa, the East coast. Travelling by train is more comfortable and picturesque and even less expensive than buses. The trains normally have three classes, with first class being the best and most expensive. These trains also offer air-conditioned coaches, observation saloons and sleeping berths. These are typically more comfortable than the other coaches. Advance reservations can only be made for first class travel. There are an Intercity Express Train running from Colombo to Kandy. The Viceroy Special is a must if you want to experience a luxurious journey a trip on the 75-year-old passenger steam train, Viceroy Special is a must. This private train is decorated in period style and has two air-conditioned observation saloon carriages. Each saloon comes with its own smoking lounge and a modern toilet. There is a restaurant on board to fulfil your cravings, while you enjoy the scenic view as the train travels through the spectacular countryside.

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