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Ramayana Paintings From British Libray

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The British Library has composed 150 years old painting with digital technology,, In this painting god Ram's father is telling Ram that he will be given the thron

This 17th century painting was placed in Mumbai and British Library, the painting was generated thru a museum in Mumbai. In this painting god Ram is leaving with his family to the desert while his step mother is shown as being successful in earning the throne for her son

THis picture is a mix of several pictures, one on left shows Ram adoring the beauty of Jungle from a hill

In this painting god Ram is shown in the "Bun" desert while his shoe is being placed on the throne

7th century's painting above is the most beautiful of the Ramain, it is showing a war near a river in Rajistan while Sita is being kidnaped by Ravana

Parts of this 19th century were presented to British Officers, it shows the brother of Ram divinding his forced in to 2 parts so that they can find Sita

In this picture Hanoman shown with his many fellows at the Sitha Mata temple where he wants to bring Sita back but Sita refuses and says that this honor is only for Bhagwan Ram

This picture shows Hanoman is wounded and Bhagwan Brahma comes to help him

Bhagwan Ram and his brother Luxman attack Lanka with a force of monkeys from the Northern gate which was the most strongest defense of Ravana

Luxuman is wounded by an arrow but the war is won, in this picture Luxman is shown wounded with his brother Ram

In this picture Ravana's army is trying to wake Kumbhu Karana so he can participate in the war, while there is food for him

After wining  Ram comes on the bank of River Sarbo where he puts his foot in the river while his brother Sogreve takes the army of monlkey and other beasts to the heaven

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