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Arabic Inscriptions in Sri Lanka

Arabic inscriptions have been found in Srl Lanka from maritime regions as well as from hinteriand (erg. fihagavw-Lena, Adam's Peak). The records are mostly tomb-stones, whiie some others are votive in character. The records date between the 9th-15th century period‘ The script used generally was Kufl, but other scripts such as Naskhi, and Ferisi have also been noticed. The Trilingual Inscription (see Transitional Period in the National Museum) is written in Chinese, Persian (Arabic seript) and Tamil.

(1).Pu\iyantin Island (Manner) tomb- stone (CNN 24-57-138-20). An inscription of a Muslim who died in the Hijra year 300 (c.9OOAD).

(2). Sir Alexander Johnston Inscription refers to a Muslim preacher sent to Colombo by the Kaliph of Baghdad. The tomb-stone is dated to Hijra year 337. (10th century AD) and belongs to the preacher Xbn Abu Bakasa (or Nakasa) showered with blessings of the God.

(3) Tomb-stone (CNM. 24-S7-14.20) of Yes-id-Marsuban‘s son ..... .. Written in Kufi script of the 11th century.

(4) Tbmb-stone (CNN. 24.63.1.S6) from Trincomalee dated to Hijra year 600 (c, 14th century AD). Lime stone slab, exquisitely carved with arabesque bonders and richly ornamented calligraphy. The record belonged to Abdulla Ibn Rahuman Muhammadu and conmirus several quotations from the Holy Quran.

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